A kitchen should be the best place of each house. It has to be bright and spacious because a housewife needs enough space among individual pieces of furniture to move when preparing meals. It is up to you whether you want a classical solid kitchen or the one with high gloss. We will offer and make the best that can be done. 



A living room is the main room where the family gathers and it has various functions.


It is used for relaxation, socialising, having fun etc. Its most important element is functionality.



A room of a child is a special place – creative and playful, the world of children.

By listening to their wishes and ideas we can make the room functional and playful. It can have a bunk bed, having more children in the room is always lively, or a desk hidden under a high bed. Imagination has no limits.

We use materials, friendly to health and with all certificates necessary.




We spend almost one third of our time in a bedroom. Even if our eyes are closed when sleeping, we experience our surroundings intensively so it is important how our bedroom is equipped.


Natural materials, quiet colours and furniture made with love provide a pleasant sleep and give strength for new beginnings and challenges.



It is a mirror of the house so there is no second chance for making the first impression.

A neat chest of drawers, a clothes hanger and a wardrobe are things that belong to this room. As a finishing touch you need a decorative vase or a mirror which gives the room pleasant energy. And we can help you by producing the best that can be done.



A bathroom is not a place for personal hygiene only, it is also a room to relax after a busy day.

We can make elements of soft lines that would help you drive your worries away.


Klasična ali kotna pisalna miza. Kvadratna, ovalna, mogoče okrogla… Pa vseeno dovolj predalov in polic za urejenost na delovnem mestu. Vse to, da bo vaš poslovni prostor izgledal urejeno in profesionalno.


Glede na to, da večino budnega časa preživimo v pisarni je smiselno, da naredimo vse, da se bomo medtem počutili najbolje. Zato smo tu mi. Da vam svetujemo pri izbiri najboljših materialov, barvnih kombinacij in funkcionalnosti ter da upoštevamo vaše potrebe, saj boste vi uporabljali delovni prostor.



Our company can easily rearrange production processes in case of smaller or medium projects which include production of elements made to measure.


The adventages of our company are fast organization, adjustability and inventiveness in tasks being given to us. This is the reason why we are competitive to bigger companies which are involved in more solid-series production.



There is nothing better than resting in your own garden. In summer we can hide in cool shadow whereas in autumn we try to catch the last sunrays to warm us and fill us with energy.


Let us help you enjoy in your garden with furniture made according to your wishes. Comfortable, soft to touch and beautiful to see.




Safe and stable ECO furniture for the youngest made of solid lime wood.

It is oiled or lacquered with nature friendly coatings.


Offer your children the best – BIBI PAULINA products.




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